High Priestess Bio

I am Mandrake, the High Priestess of Spirits Cauling York.  Our group operates more like a family than a normal coven so the title holds no additional power, just the responsibility of serving on the coven council, helping the daily runnings of the group and answering questions and inquiries about our group.

I am the coven’s 3rd degree Elder Priestess, I’ve been a practicing pagan since 1995. I am married to Fyrewulf and mother to 3 wonderful adults, and Nana to 3 amazing grandpodlings. I enjoy reading, writing and researching various topics.

My personal strength is crystal and stone magick and home and hearth magick.  I describe my spirituality as being an eclectic garden witch. 


I have academic degrees in anthropology and public history.  My future may hold additional academic pursuits but at this time, formal academic programs are in my past.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to chat or need more information about our group. I can be reached at   Namaste


Current work

I am currently working on organizing South Central PA Pagans, a one day event to be held in October 2020.

Past experiences

I have been published both on Witchvox and in the 2007 Llewellyn’s Wicca Almanac.

I have appeared on the WQXA PMS morning show in December of 2007 as a representative of the Pagan community for their “holiday People’s six pack”.

I spoke at York College in September of 2008 for the Multicultural Affairs’ Office on “Being Pagan in America”.

I served 2 years as Vice President of Free Spirit Alliance, 9 years as staff and presenter at Free Spirit Gathering, and High Priestess for FSG’s 30th anniversary Main Ritual

I served for 2 years at the Unitarian Universalist congregation of York as the Pagan Liason and organizer of the full moon labyrinth walks, and served as Board Secretary in 2014.

I served as the Keeper of the Temple of Dreams at 2009 THE Fires of Venus. Presenter at THE Fires of Venus 2007-2009

Presenter and staff at THE Sacred Sexuality Beltane 2008-2010

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