About Us

Statement of Goals and Purpose:

We, Spirits Cauling, function to provide our members with an environment in which to feel safe, secure, loved, respected, honored and involved to practice their spirituality.  We strive to function as a chosen family as well as a religious organization to support our members in all aspects of their life and goals.  Our aim is to provide not only training in the magickal arts, but to provide members a community and family environment in which to grow spiritually, socially and culturally, ever evolving into the people we are seeking to become.
We are a closed group, whose membership must be approved by the inner core of members, but in the event of a tie in voting, the coven council will decide on the candidate’s application status.  We choose our membership in this way to ensure that the family energy is maintained while still promoting growth.

We will provide our members with regular classes, workshops, rituals and social activities to create a community of like minds and spirits as well as opportunities to build lasting relationships with other members.

You can also reach us via email for more information.

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