Spirits Cauling Coven Compact


Statement of Goals and Purpose:


We, Spirits Cauling, function to provide our members with an environment in which to feel safe, secure, loved, respected, honored and involved to practice their spirituality. We strive to function as a chosen family as well as a religious organization to support our members in all aspects of their life and goals. Our aim is to provide not only training in the magickal arts, but to provide members a community and family environment in which to grow spiritually, socially and culturally, ever evolving into the people we are seeking to become.

We are a closed group, whose membership must be approved by the inner core of members, but in the event of a tie in voting, the coven council will decide on the candidate’s application status. We choose our membership in this way to ensure that the family energy is maintained while still promoting growth.

We will provide our members with regular classes, workshops, rituals and social activities to create a community of like minds and spirits as well as opportunities to build lasting relationships with other members.


Coven rules and bylaws


1 ) Membership dues: All full members of Spirits Cauling will donate a sum of $10 dollars per month in dues or volunteer 2 hours per month to differ the costs and time it takes to properly run the group. This is due at the business meeting of each month to the treasurer unless alternative arrangements have been made to satisfy this donation. Annual and Semi-annual lump sums are available at a discounted donation of $55 for 6 months and $100 for a year.

2 ) Attendance: All full members must attend a minimum of half of the meetings per month; to remain an active member of the coven. Special allowances can be made in certain situations (extended out of town visits, going home for holidays and summers, illness, etc) and also for work schedules. This is done to ensure that members are furthering their education and participating in rituals regularly. Anyone who repeatedly misses meetings two months in a row will be asked to meet with the Coven Council to discuss future plans and goals.

3 ) Memberships in another Coven- We do not require you to drop membership with other groups, but all attendance requirements must be maintained for you to remain an active member with us. Please note that if you are an officer (i.e. HPS, HP, or Elder) of another group you cannot be an officer with our group, we feel this is a conflict of interest and time management.

4 ) We exist as a serious religious organization. We view everything we do as important and part of our chosen path. We are not “role-playing” or “acting”. We take our relationships with each other and the divine very serious. When members reach 2nd degree initiation they are considered to be legally ordained clergy. This title carries very serious responsibilities.
5 ) Teaching: All members are expected to continue their learning regardless of level attained. When Second Degree is attained the role of teacher is available if desired. To become a teacher a second degree initiate must discuss this with their teacher directly to ensure all areas of learning have been mastered prior to teaching others.

6 ) “To keep silent”: The identity of coven members, coven business and coven policies is the business of the coven and is to be kept silent from the outside world. Not everyone in our group is “out of the closet” and to “out” them is a major violation of our silence policy. Discussing coven business, decisions and policies with non members is strictly forbidden and may result in removal from the coven if repeated violations are made. We exist to feel safe and secure within each other’s company. If we cannot trust that what we say or do within our group will stay within our group we cannot provide this to our members. This does NOT include answering questions about our group. Please use your common sense, if it is something that will make the coven look bad, or jeopardize a member’s privacy or reputation, please keep it to yourself.

7 ) Elevation in Degrees: Upon joining our group, the candidate starts outer court lessons. Then is dedicated upon completion of these classes, approximately one year from joining. After the student has successfully completed the lessons for the following levels, taken and passed the required tests, then they may apply for initiation to the next level of training. This is done to ensure that the student AND teacher feel that the elevation is well prepared for. Each level has its responsibilities, which will be fully explained to the student upon application for elevation. The ritual of elevation will be performed no more than 2 moon cycles (56 days) from the date of approval of application.

8 ) Coven Membership: As stated in our goals, we are a closed group. If approached by a candidate seeking membership, the candidate will be interviewed by the clergy and/or elders, invited to attend a series meetings, meet with everyone within the group and then submit an application detailing their goals, expectations and previous experiences. The entire inner core will vote on the application, blindly at a business meeting, after the candidate has attended a minimum of 3 functions. Majority (51%) is needed to win the vote, and in the event of a tie the elder council will decide the fate of the application.

9 ) Levels of membership: Our group exists for different reasons for different people, to accommodate this; we offer more than one level of membership.

Full membership- candidate for degrees, officer positions, training, voting privileges in all situations, and is subject to paying dues, and attendance requirements.

Associate/Proxy membership- Family member or spouse of member not fully dedicated as a member of the coven. In some situations may be granted privileges of full members.
Junior Membership- Membership for minor, undedicated children of full members prior to the age of full membership. Does not have voting rights.

Inactive Membership- Membership granted to those who have left our group to explore other avenues of their path. Automatically granted to those who leave under amiable circumstances.Does not have voting rights.

10 ) New members will be treated as guests until full membership privileges approved. This means that they may attend rituals but cannot actively participate as a full member can (i.e. calling quarter, speaking part). This is done so that they will fully understand the meaning behind the ritual before they participate.


11 ) We ask that students new to our coven refrain from doing spell working until it is covered in a workshop or lesson material. Energies can be tricky and until covered by a teacher should not be dabbled in. This does not apply to seasoned, initiated witches, only to those new to the magickal arts. If you have need of a spell or working please ask your teacher to assist or advise on the proper way of handling the situation.

12 ) Coven decision making: Decisions affecting the group as a whole will be made in certain situations by the Coven council. Only after discussion among the Council will then decide if the decision needs a vote or if the consent of the Council is sufficient. This includes but is not limited to, new members, changing of dates/times for functions, lesson materials, advancement of students, and expenditure of coven funds for small items (i.e. ritual items, feast items, office supplies, etc). When voting is deemed necessary, it will be held at meetings only; anyone wishing to exercise their voice must attend meetings to cast their votes.

13 ) Coven dispute resolution: In the event of two or more members in dispute, the situation will be handled by those involved but may be mediated by the elder council as needed. Should the dispute become too large to handle amicably the Coven Council will be brought in to do “damage control” and if need be request the removal of members for a period of time for “cooling off”. If a member repeatedly causes problems and or disruptions to the functioning of the coven they may be removed from the group either temporarily or permanently depending on the situation, this decision falls on the discretion of the coven council.

14 ) Guests are welcome at our events that are deemed appropriate. Events such as rites of passage and initiations are at the discretion of the clergy. Monthly full moon rituals are open to guests as are sabbat celebrations. Guests are welcome to observe and take part in our rituals but will not be given a speaking part in the ritual. If bringing a guest please let the person hosting the event know prior to arriving, out of respect. No guests under the age of 18 will be permitted without parents in attendance or written permission granted by parents. The member bringing the guest is responsible for explaining the events of the ritual, how to act, how to dress and other aspects of etiquette. The Clergy and Elders have a sheet of circle etiquette available to hand to guests prior to attending a ritual with us.

15 ) Illegal Substances are strictly prohibited from our events. In the event of a substance being found at an event, the person responsible for the substance will be asked to leave; if repeated problems exist the person may be asked to leave the group.

16 ) Sexual harassment is strictly forbidden within our group. If accusations of harassment are brought to the attention of the clergy or elders, the person involved will be asked to cease and desist or will be removed from our membership.

17 ) Casual sexual relations between levels are strongly frowned upon. Relationships are not subject to this rule either developing after joining or prior to joining. This is not our goal, but being humans, we cannot control where loving relationships develop. We do not exist to be a dating service and do NOT promote members based upon willingness to sleep with upper degreed members. We do NOT require members to sleep with anyone as a term of membership.

18 ) We do not discriminate against anyone for any reason. Not every person will be a perfect fit for our group, but all will be shown respect. We do not base our membership on any tradition, gender, sexual preference, relationship preference or background, we choose our membership to ensure a “family” energy and that is the only basis for decision on a prospective member. If a member is not voted in to our group, they will be explained why in a positive way and provided with other information when available.

19 ) Ownership of coven and individual rituals and tools: Individual written rituals and tools remain the property of the individual. Classes provided by an individual for the group remains the property of the individual. Ritual and tools provided for the coven specifically will remain the property of the coven. The Classes that are formally introduced as part of the curriculum will remain the property of the coven.

20 ) Disciplinary procedures: Someone found in blatant violation of the tenets of our group or are in otherwise disruptive, destructive or negative to the group atmosphere they will be handled by the Coven Council in the following way:


1st offense- oral warning of change needed, may be in the form of an email

2nd offense- formal warning of change needed and meeting with the coven council for discussion of options.

3rd offense- removal from the organization with all benefits of membership stripped.

In some situations the Coven Council may choose to forgo these steps if the violation is severe enough. Written documentation must accompany all disciplinary procedures for the member’s file.


21 ) Changing of Compact: The Compact is up for review every year prior to the anniversary in July. In the event that items need to be amended, abandoned or altered prior to that time, the revision must be submitted in writing and voted in- once to be reviewed and explained then again after the information is presented for final decision. For a revision to carry 2/3 vote must be attained. This is done to ensure that the basic tenants of our group are not changed on a whim and that the group fully understands and benefits from such changes, the review process ensures that the compact is continually revisited, and changed as needed as the group grows and evolves. Revisions will be presented to the entirety of the Coven prior to the anniversary for reading and approval.


Duties of Coven Officers


High Priestess/Priest:


Serves as the coven leaders. Handles basic coven duties such as ritual writing and performing, maintaining of the coven ritual tools and book of shadows, and running of coven meetings. Serves as mediator in times of conflict as needed. Researches new topics for teaching, oversees all teachers and students, and approves all elevations, new memberships and dedications.

Maiden/Red Priest:


Serves as coven leaders-in-training. Assists the HPS/HP in any way needed. May be asked to take the role of HPS/HP in their absence. Must work one on one with HPS/HP in their training to be prepared to take the role when needed.



Serves as advisors to coven leaders. Serves as tie breakers in voting and mediator in times of conflict. May be asked to assist in rites of passage or initiations. Based on prior HP/HPS experience and is not based on age.



Serves as assistant in the business and fiscal functions of the coven. Takes minutes at the meetings, collects, deposits and distributes coven funds for approved uses and reports at business meetings.



Serves as a one on one educator to those new or newer to the practices then they are. Must be at least 2nd degree to request the role of teacher. Each teacher is limited to 2 coven students andmust report progress of each student regularly to HPS/HP and/or elder assigned.



Serves as the coven computer master. Maintains the email account, tripod account, updates the website regularly, responds to inquiries from witchvox ads, maintains the yahoo group and does all necessary computer updates.

Coven Council:


The members of the Coven Council serve as planners, tie breakers, PR personnel, and mediators of the coven. Consists of 2 Elders, HPS, HP and one chosen member of 1st degree or higher. Coven Council will meet one time per month on a non coven night to discuss business and future plans of the coven.

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